"Smoke Luo loosened her hand and her body fell into the dust on the ground.

It left with Cui Xuanyi in its arms, leaving Cui Guling sitting on the ground alone against the wall.
In the chaotic world, she saw the broken soul of Nangong Dust.
Her scarlet eyes staring at the dark floor tile lip corner flush Yin cold sneer at "he’s dead I have nothing to be afraid of? "Smoke, we’ll see."
Chaos bound
"You go home."
Yuan Tian, outside the treasure house, said to Yuan Ling, "Taotao said she didn’t want to see anyone."
After dawn, the Secret Service spirit came to the chaotic world.
It’s a mess here. It’s not hard to see what happened.
According to the plan, the Salvation Alliance should be discussing at this time, such as dealing with the meeting of Silent Liao.
When I fell asleep last night, no one expected that the next day would be like this.
Yuanling silence
Yuan Tian stared at him. "Why didn’t you come last night?"
Huajiang said, "Xiaotian, don’t blame the director. It’s not that he didn’t want to come. After Chaos Tombs sent out a distress message last night, the director immediately informed the Salvation League spiritual master, and then the government spent a lot of time evacuating the citizens. When he arrived here, he couldn’t come."
Yuan Tian "Where are the others?"
He asked the secret service master like this, and no one answered.
Yuan Tian also saw many familiar people die in front of him last night, but also witnessed the broken soul of Nangong Dust.
His mood is a little out of control. "Is it because he doesn’t want to deal with the silent Lao root?" It’s because he knows how strong the silent Lord is. He promised this time because the spiritual world asked tens of thousands of spiritual masters to jointly ask the special bureau to take the lead in destroying the silent Liao. When the silent Liao really came, no one made a move. What about the petitioning spiritual masters? What did they do? What is this? "
"The bell ringer stopped the tsunami, and Brother Nangong stopped the silence. If any spiritual master arrived at the chaotic world after Taotao sent a distress message last night, so many people might not die."
Huajiang "I know you are sad after last night, but I really can’t blame your brother for this …"
Yuan Ling raised his hand to stop Huajiang from talking. He asked Yuan Tian, "What else can I do?"
Yuan Tian was quiet for a long time. "There will definitely be many spiritual masters in the chaotic burial recently, but as you can see, no one has died in the southeast area of the chaotic world. Taotao said that she doesn’t want to see anyone now."
"I understand," Yuan Ling said. "I will write a notice in the name of the Special Bureau and send someone to guard the chaotic world and repair the broken world. No one will disturb her these days."
"And brother, he was in a coma last night and didn’t know what he had been awake."
Xiao Yuetu "What happened to Brother Shi?"
Yuan Tian told Cui Xuan about the wartime situation last night, and she frowned. "Let me see him."
Yuan Tian let her into the vault, which is the only intact building in the chaotic world that has not been destroyed by fire at this time.
Xiao Yuetu examined the wind and asked Yuan Tian, "Is there any analgesic spirit here?"
The two men searched in the storage rack for more than ten minutes and found two suitable spiritual objects.
Xiao Yuetu mashed the spirit and fed it to the wind. "It will take a long time for him to wake up without danger to his life."
"What’s the matter with him?" Yuantianwen
Xiao Yuetu sipped his lips and didn’t speak.
She looked at the wound that Yuan Tian’s arm was penetrated by a demon spider. Although it had been bandaged, it still oozed black blood outward.
"Are you also poisoned?" The pink vein behind her swayed gently, and a light pollen was stored at the fingertips.
Pollen broke away from her fingertips and fell to the wound of Yuan Tian as if it were alive.
Xiao Yuetu said, "My first spiritual pulse can know poison and detoxify. I was so seriously injured that I didn’t know how to deal with it properly."
Yuan day this just remembered that I still have injuries.
Last night and this morning were too chaotic. If Xiao Yuetu hadn’t found out that he had forgotten all about his injury.
Xiao Yuetu: "Director Yuan Ling came here to take you back to the Special Bureau after the chaotic world was upset last night."
"I’m not going back" Yuan Tian looked at the end of the storage rack.
Taotao sat motionless facing the wall.
She has been sitting there all night.
"Brother Nangong is gone. Brother Xiao Kuang was knocked unconscious by me. I haven’t woken up yet. Now I’m alone. What if I leave Taotao?"
Xiao Yuetu worried, "Is she … okay, senior sister?"
Yuan Tian smiled bitterly. "Brother Nangong died in the waves and his bones could not be found. His soul was broken before her eyes. How could she be okay?"
Xiao Yuetu wanted to comfort Taotao, but Yuan Tian stopped him.
It’s probably better to leave her alone now that everything should have happened.

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