"You were really playing dumb before." Shi Wei was not stupid before, and Li Erzhu was always silly. Now he suddenly showed his cleverness and wanted to know that everything was intentional before. "I still treated you like a brother and didn’t tell my dad about you. I failed my dad."

"It is because I treat you like a brother that I will say these words to you here." Li Erzhu also said seriously, "If you talk to your father about me from the beginning, I will talk to your father face to face. I came to Chunfu to find people who really care about the people like you and your father."
Shi Wei was surprised to see him.
"If you don’t believe me, you can take me to see your father now. Those are all my words. I’m not Ren Wang Ren or Zhao Wangren. Our goal is the same. We just hope the people can live a good life."
Shi Wei’s look changed and he suddenly gritted his teeth. "What are you going to do?"
"Now you have two choices. One is that you take me to see your father, and the other is that you come with me to Yangnan County. One day, we will gallop back and forth." Li Erzhu held out two fingers.
See Shi Wei hesitated Li Erzhu smiled "what are you afraid of? There are still 1,000 troops in Yangnan County. If something happened to the 1,000 troops, you will definitely get the news that there are 1,000 troops in you."
Shi Wei’s frown always feels that something is wrong, but he can think about it and think that what Li Erzhu said makes sense. If there is something wrong with the garrison in Yangnan County, Linchun House can’t have no news at all.
Hesitated for a while, he nodded. "Okay, I’ll go to Yangnan County with you."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Department to break
It is not difficult to leave the camp. Shi Wei just found a patrol and left Linchun House without going through Shi Xiong.
In addition to Shi Wei and Li Erzhu, two other people went to Yangnan County this time. They were Li Erzhu who made friends in the camp. When they heard that they could come out for air, they followed them out without thinking about it. They were even more worried and happy all the way, like going out for an outing.
Shi Wei is still uneasy in his heart. He can’t relax all the way. He will look around from time to time for fear of any accident.
He couldn’t figure out what Li Erzhu wanted him to go to Yangnan County.
Yangnan county, after all, is a county town under the jurisdiction of Linchun government. Even Wenping doesn’t care much about himself. If it wasn’t synonymous with Lou, he wouldn’t send one thousand troops out.
It was not until four people arrived in Yangnan County and saw the garrison outside that Shi Weicai was relieved and felt a lot more secure in his heart.
Is that he still didn’t want to white them to Yangnan county.
Is it because he thinks too much, and they just come out for an outing?
A line of people walked through the garrison without attracting the attention of the garrison. Shi Wei didn’t notice either. Li Erzhu made eye contact with one of the garrisons and nodded at the same time.
The gate of Yangnan County was open. They left the horse outside the county seat for the garrison to watch. Several people easily entered the county seat. The other two were impatient and wanted to stroll around Yangnan County.
Li Erzhu looked back. "You go shopping in Yangnan County. The place is relatively shabby, but it’s better than the camp. Besides, we have to go back to Linchun House for one time at most. I don’t know when."
"Yes, yes, yes, you are especially right. Then we will go somewhere else and always stay in the camp. We are all going crazy." They said casually and turned to leave.
Shi Wei has always been vigilant, but there is nothing strange about Yangnan County.
Yes, all the way here, you can always see the people building roads.
"This Yang nan county is quite interesting. Why are you building roads? What’s the point of building roads? " Shi Wei suppressed all the way and finally could not help but speak. He had never seen any local people so diligent in building roads and repairing them, and it seemed that no one was lazy.
"Have you been to Yangnan County before?" Li Erzhu asked.
"I haven’t seen it carefully once." Shi Wei looked around. "It seems that Yangnan County is better now than when I came here before. I really don’t want to say that the road has been repaired and the whole people are relieved."
"That’s how good it is to build roads." Li Erzhu took him to the inn while talking to Shi Wei.
Walking to the door of the inn, Shi Wei looked up. "Yuelai Inn is called by this name in many places. Shall we come here for dinner?"
"You’ll know when you go in." Li Erzhu couldn’t help laughing at him. Shi Wei will always be vigilant. I didn’t expect to relax so soon. "Go in and see what you have never seen before."
Li Erzhu took the lead in entering the inn.
Shi Wei hesitated for a moment at the door and followed him into the inn door.
When he entered the door, the first thing he saw was the strange cabinet in front of him.
Li Erzhu calmly brushed his ID card before buying two hot chicken legs from the trading cabinet and handed them to Shi Wei in one hand.
Shi Wei bowed his head? ? ?
Shi Wei, look up ! !
"It’s really hard to eat meat in Linchun Mansion." Li Erzhu first took a bite to see Shi Wei’s face showing panic and pointed to the trading cabinet. "Go and see if you can hide hot chicken legs there yourself."
Li Erzhu said so. Shi Wei walked around the cabinet quickly without hesitation, but he couldn’t find out what was wrong. So the cabinet released chicken legs, even if it put hot cooked chicken legs, it was impossible to think about it. The most important thing was that he couldn’t see where Li Erzhu got the chicken legs before.
After searching for several times, Shi Wei reached out to touch it, but no matter how he searched, he felt cold and touched it, and there was no other feeling.
It’s a bit strange that he tried several times but couldn’t order anything.
At this time, Li Erzhu went to the trading cabinet again. "Come here and I’ll give you a magic trick."
Shi Wei blankly walked to his side and was directly stuffed with a big chicken leg.
Li Erzhu rubbed his fingers and stretched out his hand to press Shi Wei’s eyes next to the black screen in the trading cabinet.
If Li Erzhu didn’t explain to him that he was chanting "What do you want first? Let’s have a Chinese cabbage."
He selected a Chinese cabbage from the goods and sent it out of the drawer of the trading cabinet after pressing [Confirm].
Taking out the Chinese cabbage, he threw it directly into Shi Wei’s arms and went back to continue to fiddle with the trading cabinet. He didn’t buy it, he just bought one Chinese cabbage after another.
In a blink of an eye, Shi Wei’s arms were full of Chinese cabbages, so it was impossible to hide so many cabbages in the trading cabinet.
Shi Wei’s look was shocked from the beginning and he became suspicious of life. He even had an absurd idea about whether he was still alive in this world.
Take the game of life to the ancient section 131
"Are you going to eat so many cabbages by yourself?" Tian Tang came from the floor to see Li Erzhu Li Erzhu holding cabbage and Shi Wei at a glance, and saw Li Erzhu’s idea and looked at Shi Wei with some sympathy.
Li Erzhu turned his head and saw Shi Wei holding a pile of cabbage. "It’s okay for so many people outside. If you buy more, just add food to them. Anyway, I haven’t married my daughter-in-law and don’t leave my daughter-in-law at home."
Tian Tangnai shook his head and walked to the front of the two men and looked at Shi Wei. "You can put the cabbage first."
"But … but …" Shi Wei’s face was blocked by cabbage and he couldn’t see the expression clearly, but he could still feel that he was reluctant to give up on cabbage in his arms.
"Put it on the table there. If you want to go, hold a few more cabbages back. Anyway, Li Erzhu paid for it." Tian Tang said, holding his feet and taking the top cabbage in Shi Wei’s arms to the table.
Li Erzhu bent down to pick up the cabbage. Hey hey smiled, "I just bought more if I was not careful."
Seeing that both of them have done this, Shi Wei also went to put the cabbage seriously and looked at the two.
Li Erzhu took the initiative to introduce the situation of Shenshen Town and Yangnan County.
He said the same thing more than once and said that he was very skilled. It was not long before he explained the cause and effect to Shi Wei.