Liu Zhengnan I looked at each other, I gave him a look, and he should come back.

After the meeting, Zou Chen said that he had a meeting and left first.
Gu Yisheng took us to the thirtieth floor and said that he had already arranged the office for us and took us to have a look first.
Liu Zhengna listened to the 30 th floor and was slightly stunned. He worked here and of course knew that it was Zou Chen’s exclusive floor.
Chapter two hundred Training
Liu Zhengna listened to the 30 th floor and was slightly stunned. He worked here and of course knew that it was Zou Chen’s exclusive floor.
On the 30th floor, Allen was waiting at the entrance of the ladder to see our official smile and led us to the public office, which was a single office. Both Liu Zhengna and I were a little surprised. Allen quickly saw our doubts and smiled. "We are on the other side of the assistant office Lin, which is quieter. I think it will be more suitable for manager Lu to plan."
Gu Yisheng chuckled at a side.
"Gu Zong, isn’t this land your company? Why now …?" When I was in the stairs, I asked Gu Yisheng.
"We photographed the land, but the funds were not in place behind it." Gu Yisheng sighed lightly, and there seemed to be a lot of resistance to this sigh.
Gu Yisheng has been sending us to the building and said that we will be equipped with a car tomorrow. I hope we can do it as soon as possible because they hope to publish the draft in one month.
Lu Zhengnan said that another colleague would come and wait for him to arrive. He hasn’t returned to China for a year, so he should go back to his hometown first.
Back to the hotel, Liu Zhengnan asked me if I would come back to Rongcheng. I wanted to go back, but I didn’t know what suddenly didn’t want to move at all, so I said I would stay in China for another month anyway. Let’s talk about it then.
Lu Zhengnan went back to his hometown that afternoon. I stayed in the hotel alone and continued to jet lag. At four o’clock in the afternoon, my cell phone suddenly rang. It was Su Qing who called to say that she had arrived in Beijing and asked me if I could come out later. I said, of course.
I hung up and jumped out of bed. I didn’t sleep well last night. I didn’t look very good. I couldn’t see Su Qing in this half-dead state. In the past, my mental outlook had to be better. I went into the bathroom and took a shower to sober people up. I made a fine makeup and blew my hair fluffy. I was as satisfied as I looked at it in front of the mirror. I dug out a nine-red suspender skirt from my suitcase and put on a cloth. It looked soft and sexy, especially with my short hair and red lips.
I stepped on the door and took a taxi according to the address sent to me by Su Qing. When the car arrived at the door of the restaurant, I felt that the store was a little familiar and remembered that this was the kind of private kitchen that Zou Chen had brought us.
My heart couldn’t help but jump. Is he here?
I’m a little exulting.
When I entered the store, I signed up for the bag number and took me to the packing door. I was still nervous at the moment.
As soon as "Little Boy" Baomen hit me, I heard Su Qing screaming excitedly, and then there appeared in front of my eyes a twice-sized Su Qing who ran towards me like a panda, but was pulled by the man behind her without running two steps.
I stared at her belly in amazement. "My God, your belly …"
Su Qing got married more than a year ago. When she sent me an email, I was waiting in the desert and returned to the city for half a month. So I missed her wedding and she was very angry.
"It’s almost a month." Ye Li said with a face of nai that eyebrow eye was spoiled.
Su Qing glanced at him.
"God, if I had known you were like this, I wouldn’t have informed you." I greeted her and stared at her like an alien.
"You’re such a dead conscienceless person who still knows how to return home." Su Qinglai gave me a hard shot.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault." I don’t even apologize. "Why didn’t you tell me you had a baby?" If I had known that she was flying around with such a big belly, I would never have let her come.
"Hehe, I wanted to surprise you." She smiled happily.
I gave her a light hug before, and she was curious. She suddenly had a spasm somewhere in her belly. It reminded me that I had a child in my stomach once.
"You are quick to sit down. She is watching my heartbeat now, which will accelerate the sweating." Ye Li exaggerated and laughed.
Su Qing and I both laughed.
I’m still a little disappointed without that person
Su Qing took me to sit down and asked me where I had been in the past two years to complain. I didn’t leave her a message. I probably told her about the places I had been in the past two years. She looked at me with envy and sadness and said that she couldn’t go anywhere now.
Just then, the door was pushed in from the outside, and Zou Chen strode in.
Ye Li got up and greeted him. "Why is it so late?"
Zou Chen glanced at our side "just finished the meeting"
"That … Li said that I haven’t seen him for a long time, so I called him up." Su Qing explained to me in a low voice that I was afraid I was not happy.
My heart is pounding.
Zou Chen came over and saw Su Qing’s belly so big that his eyes lit up. "How come it’s been a few months?" He has a strange expression on his face, even his eyebrows are softened.
"It’s almost a month," Su Qing replied proudly.
"You’re going to be a father." Zou Chen patted Ye Liyi heavily and seemed a little envious.
"Your father is so good. I’ve been scared out of a heart attack by her for a few months." Ye Li complained, but the smile on her lips could not hide her happiness.
Zou Chen smiled and looked at Su Qing’s belly.
"You seem to like children very much. Why didn’t you have one earlier?" Su Qing asked with a smile.
"Alas, who let me marry a big star?" When he said this, he glanced at me from the corner of his eye and added, "But it’s soon."
"Then hurry up and we can book a young marriage." Ye Li laughed humorously.
I suddenly felt breathless when I hit my head.
"Who wants to book young marriage now?" Su Qing muttered.
At this time, the waiter brought in the food and interrupted the topic.
Ye Li gave Su Qing the dishes carefully after the meal. I don’t know what to say. It’s hard to feel my chest blocked by something. I have no appetite for a while, but it’s even more embarrassing if I sit still with chopsticks.
"I heard that Miss Lin is very chic abroad." Zou Chen suddenly looked at me in a shady way.
I raised my hand and smoothed my short hair. "Well, it’s not bad. I have enjoyed the scenery of various countries and handsome men with different skin colors."
Zou Chen looked at me with deep eyes.
"Then why don’t you bring us one?" Su Qing looked up from a pile of dishes and blinked at me.
"I’ll bring it back every time." Someone is thinking about having children. I can’t even have a boyfriend. That’s too shabby
Su Qing said I was really surprised and asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Well, a handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes" I dumped my forehead hair and smiled vaguely.
"That … foreigners are all super-stalwart." Su Qingxing’s eyes are shining like big color female.
I was just about to drink the soup, and I almost threw it up. The good hand covered her mouth and gave her a thumbs-up sign.
Su Qing looked at my small eyes and narrowed. Ye Li tapped her skull next to him and said, "Is your husband very poor?"