"No, another way!" The red mans in Xing Xuan’s eyes disappeared, and all his energy was transformed into the power of thought.

Mind like a needle into the body of the black month, and then, easily break through the gold hoop, into the life’s core monuments energy of the black month-it turns out that this gold hoop is only effective for tangible energy, but not for intangible energy. Xing Xuan was overjoyed, and immediately increased the delivery of mind to the body of the black month.
In an instant, the life’s core monuments energy in the body of Black Moon stirred up under the action of Xing Xuan’s mind, and one after another hit the gold hoop energy that imprisoned it.
Every time it hits, the gold hoop vibrates. After hitting several times, one gold hoop begins to loosen.
Star Xuan couldn’t help exultation, it seems that this method is used by the way. Before long, you can smash all the gold hoops that imprison life’s core monuments’s energy in the black month, and this black month will be free, and you will overcome this hateful ancient Western ban.
However, Xing Xuan’s manipulation of life’s core monuments energy in the body of Black Moon was very difficult. After a while, he was so tired that he felt dizzy and had to withdraw from his mind and lie down in bed.
Black Moon is cleverly sitting beside Xing Xuan at this time, kneading her shoulders and hands and feet for Xing Xuan. Xing Xuan should not smile bitterly, thinking that she is a mind-consuming person, and her hands and feet are neither sour nor painful. What are you doing? However, he didn’t say this, and let the black moon give him a free massage.
After a long time, Xing Xuan recovered, and then began to make a second impact on Black Moon.
In this way, Xing Xuan hit the black moon several times and broke a gold hoop. At this time, Xing Xuan was completely tired, so he kicked out the black moon, arranged his own alarm and defense in his room, and the humble law, called out the old demon body and began to practice.
I don’t know if all the energy in the body is consumed, and I feel that I am practicing very fast, or which nerve of the old demon’s body is wrong. I leaked more aura than usual for Xing Xuan to absorb. Anyway, Xing Xuan felt that the consumed energy was replenished very fast today, and in a short time, I completely replenished all the energy consumed for the black moon impact ban, and went into a higher realm.
"Haha, it’s a miracle that this body without foundation stone can practice so quickly!" Xing Xuan was overjoyed and immersed in practice.
I don’t know how long it took. When Xing Xuan opened his eyes, he was delighted to see that his energy had risen a lot, and he broke through the early stage of spiritual deficiency and entered the middle stage of spiritual deficiency.

Chapter 28
After receiving the crude law, the alarm system was lifted, and Xing Xuan opened the door of his room.
Black Moon is anxiously waiting for Xing Xuan at this time. Xing Xuan doesn’t know it. In fact, it took him three days to practice this time. The black moon outside can be anxious, but she dare not destroy the rules of Xing Xuan, so she has to wait obediently.
Seeing the food on the table next to the black moon, Xing Xuan’s stomach suddenly growled. He rushed up and shouted, "I’m starving!" " I began to gobble it up.
At this time, Black Moon looked at Xing Xuan tenderly, with a smile on her face, and repeatedly said, "Eat slowly, eat slowly, it’s all yours!"
Xing Xuan wolfed down the food, drank the water from Heiyue, and said, "Hee hee, thank you for waiting. Come, let’s come back today and try to break two gold hoops today!"
Black month listened to the big, meekly walked to the front of the star xuan immediately stood.
Star Hyun Positive was preparing to manipulate the life’s core monuments energy in Black Moon’s body to impact the gold hoop, when a feeling of palpitation suddenly emerged in his heart. Then, he heard the alarm outside, and a voice shouted: "Who? Dare to break into the Longjia Courtyard? "
"Hey hey, you grandpa me!" A voice like a drake rang outside Xingxuan’s room.
Xing Xuan felt a tingle: it’s the Cinderella Palace, and this bastard has chased the Dragon Family Courtyard. How dare he!
"Ha ha, I thought it was who was so bold. It turned out to be Xinda Palace, the bodyguard of Gaos thought. Xinda Palace, why did you come to our Dragon Family Courtyard without protecting you?" Just now, the voice in Xinda Palace rang again.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help secretly turning on the holographic information feedback instrument connected to the outside of the room.
Outside the room, in the open space of the yard, under the light of day, the short Xinda Palace was surrounded by a dozen dragon family bodyguards. At this time, the man who was talking to Xinda Palace, Xing Xuan knew, was dragon three, grandpa’s bodyguard, an old man who was also white.
Seeing dragon three, Xing Xuan couldn’t help being moved: Grandpa is really good to himself, and he has transferred all the best bodyguards to himself.
"Ha ha, of course, I came to you to find someone. A little bastard hit my brother, and someone saw him run into your Longjia compound!" The Xinda Palace said to dragon three at this time.
"Fart, fart, with dragon three here, who has the ability to run to our Dragon House and let me stay away? Come on, Xinda Palace, for the sake of familiarity, I won’t tell our patriarch about it today, so fuck off!" Dragon three said generously at this time.
"Fuck you, dragon three, you old thing, who are you? I clearly saw that little bastard enter your Dragon Family Courtyard in Xinda Palace just now, and it was in that room. Who lived in that room? You old clan leader, that little bastard is good at sneak attack. Don’t kill your old clan leader, I’m here to help him! " Sinda Palace said, and flew to the front.
"Bastard, Xinda Palace, don’t be shameless, others are afraid of you, but I, dragon three, am not afraid of you!" Dragon three said, and suddenly revealed a layer of golden light, a vertical palm, and a golden light went to Xinda Palace.
It is the Dragon Family’s Juexue Long Tenggong. However, dragon three’s palm is much more powerful than Long Yukong’s. Although Long Yukong is a genius, he is still young after all. dragon three has been immersed in this Long Tenggong for more than 60 years, and now almost all of them have to break through the realm of the heavenly classroom and enter the heavenly master.
"dragon three, you die!" Xinda Palace said, and it was also a vertical palm, and a yellow awn suddenly appeared on the body. Then, all the bricks and cement on the ground churned up, forming a stone wall overwhelming in front of Xinda Palace.
There was a big bang, and the energy group from dragon three was splitting on the stone wall made by Xinda Palace. Suddenly, sand and stones splashed, and at that time, the yard was covered with dust.
"Oh dear!" A scream sounded at this time, and then, a stout body flew into the air.
"Ha ha, Xinda Palace, thank you for your concern. I live in this house. Unfortunately, I’m not too old to be deaf and blind, and no little bastard has broken into my house. I only saw a local bastard making trouble!" At this point, the white fluttering Long Tianpeng emerged from nowhere, clapping his hands and saying.
Sneaking at Xing Xuan in the room immediately giggled and said to Heiyue, who was crawling beside him and looking out, "See, this is my grandfather. Haha, that bastard in Xinda Palace suffered a loss. Grandpa attacked him when he came up. He is really my grandfather of Xing Xuan!"
Heiyue also smiled and applauded and said, "Well played, well played, killing this bastard, he chased me hard every day!" "
Hear the word of the black month, star xuan eyes a mans flash, staring at the sinda palace eyes gradually become sharp.
"Long Tianpeng, you old bastard, you are not dead yet!" Xindagong suffered a dark loss and couldn’t help cursing Long Tianpeng.
"TOEFL, TOEFL, I won’t die! I guess if you die, I can’t die! Xinda Palace, I think you are not far from death. You haven’t seen it for half a year, but you haven’t seen any increase in cultivation. You have grown a lot of courage. Dare to come to my Dragon House to make trouble! How about a life-and-death fight with the old lady today? Who is the grandson? " Long Tianpeng knew that the soil in Xinda Palace was terrible, so he ran on Xinda Palace with his mouth open.
"Bastard, I’ve put up with you for a long time. Come on, let’s have a fight today and see who is powerful!" The Xinda Palace has already flown into the air at this time.