At that time, he often dreamed that he scored points in the nba, such as grabbing something and waving his hand.

However, as time went on, he grew up and got lost in the favorable family conditions.
Then his father’s bankruptcy woke him up completely, and then he regained his dream ambition, but the reality was cruel and made him breathless. It turned out that everything was just a dream.
It’s not easy to score, just like it’s a dream to get something from the bag. At that time, it was difficult for him to get into the sky without scoring a point, but it was a foul and a mistake, so the data was very easy to obtain
After a period of time spent and silence, he got a chance to soar. Now he can be called "solution" on the court. It is as simple as getting something for him to score.
This dream was once thrown to Australia, but now I have the strength to dream it again.
Li Cheng corners of the mouth slightly become warped murmured "my limit? I don’t know where my limit is. I know I’m far from it now, and maybe it won’t stop me one day. "
Nisha didn’t expect Li Cheng to make such an answer, but she liked Li Cheng’s answer very much. She continued to ask, "Now that you have led your opponent 2-1, have you mastered the initiative to advance to the Eastern Conference finals?"
Li Cheng said jokingly, "Two more wins and we’ll make it to the Eastern Conference finals." Then he said seriously, "But it’s too difficult to win two more games in front of opponents like Celtic."
Nisha can understand the difficulty in Li Cheng’s tone, but she also understands the kind of "don’t give up" in Li Cheng’s words. "I wish you two more victories in the coming competition."
"thank you! Bless you, "Li Cheng said and was ready to go, but Nisha suddenly jumped up and kissed him in the face.
Although it was a little touch, Li Cheng still took a step back like a touch.
Nisha blushed. "Let’s go! See you at the game the day after tomorrow. "
Li Chengcai turned around and entered the player channel after Li Chengleng stood there and didn’t say hello to Nisha.
Li Cheng didn’t answer Nisha’s question, but it is true that the two of them are closer than before.
Li Cheng thinks this is good, but Nisha obviously wants Li Chenggong to admit them.
"This woman really knows me thoroughly." Li Chengnai shook his head and left the question behind.
"This kind of thing will cross the bridge when it comes to it."
In this game, the pacers won a big victory on the court, which was unexpected to everyone.
Before this round, most people thought that the Celtics would sweep the Pacers. After all, the strength gap between the two teams was too great, but these people were beaten in the face in the first game, but they didn’t think that the Pacers might win again. The second game also proved their point.
However, the pacers’ victory at home in this game made these faces scratch.
Who would have thought that the Pacers could beat the Celtics by two points? Even if everyone didn’t think the Pacers would be swept away, at least they "stole" two victories when the Celtics were negligent, but they actually beat their opponents by 21 points in this game, which was beyond everyone’s expectation!
At this time, Yang Yujian’s qq group on the other side of the ocean said everything.
Yu Yang sat on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, watching the group discuss the corners of his mouth, smiling and feeling satisfied in his heart.
"21 points! A home game and a city will get the match point, maybe it will really eliminate the Celtics! "
"Mom let Celtic pack to force this karma! Cheng Ge, come on, two more games and you will enter the Eastern Conference finals. "
"To be honest, it is really possible to enter the finals this season!"
"Yes! Enter the finals to win the championship and create a Chinese miracle haha! "
A large number of fans in China, Sung Jae Lee are having a heated discussion. They are already expecting the Pacers to perform in the finals.
In Indiana, there is no difference between fans expecting China fans.
"I seem to see the team reach the finals again."
"I feel the same way, and this feeling is really great."
"Who do you think our opponents are in the finals?"
"I don’t know! But I think it should be one of San Antonio, Los Angeles! "
Everyone is talking about this topic, but O ‘Brien is upset after a short excitement of victory.
The first of these two victories was emotional and crazy, but today the Pacers won this game because the Celtics were caught off guard. The Celtics didn’t want to expose their defensive strategy foundation.
But what should I do if I take it?
O’ Brien is really at his wit’s end. Where else can he do it?
It’s his last resort to let Li Cheng run the ball crazily and then force the Celtics to play against each other. What can he do next?
After thinking about it all night, O ‘Brien didn’t think of any other way. He finally had to make the most nai decision. "We can continue to maintain today’s tactics, and then we will see how they perform on the spot."
Then O ‘Brien dreamily thought, "It would be nice if that guy Rivers kept carrying it. If he won one more game, he would get the match point or three match points!"
Unfortunately, O ‘Brien’s idea is doomed to be shattered. Rivers has called the coaching staff meeting.
In their discussion, Rivers finally decided to take the strength to keep this round of victory.
Otherwise, if we continue to be forced by the Pacers to attack and give up our own advantages, then we may eventually eliminate the Celtics under the crazy leadership of Li Cheng!
Now Li Cheng has become the hottest player in the United States, and his adaptability to tactics has made the management of all teams in the league shine.
Now many people have contacted Larry Bird to discuss the possibility of trading Li Cheng, but how could Larry Bird agree? He’s not stupid. Let’s not say that Li Cheng is a player he likes very much. Let’s say that this guy Reggie Miller and Li Cheng have connections in the Pacers’ team. If Larry Bird sends Li Cheng away, Reggie Miller’s big mouth will face the media. If he shoots himself, it’s impossible to say.
Larry Brown turned down everyone, and Li Cheng now has no agent, and everyone can’t directly contact him. Many teams directly quit, but some people didn’t quit, such as the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Hornets.
The desire of these two teams for an excellent shooting guard has surpassed everything. If Si Long is given a star-rated No.2 position now, he dares to say that his team has an absolute chance to reach the finals.
And Si Long’s love for Li Cheng is definitely not in doubt. He praised Li Cheng in front of the media more than once, and he also showed remorse for not picking Li Cheng in the draft.
At present, Utah’s double-villains are already very powerful, and they still need a scoring point to support them. Deron now often has to shoulder the dual responsibilities of scoring and organizing. If Li Cheng arrives in Utah, Utah’s double-villains will directly become the Big Three, so their pick-and-roll tactics will be even more powerful.
In addition, how badly does New Orleans want to find a star-rated shooting guard to form a luxurious backcourt combination with Paul this year?
Utah and New Orleans, Li Cheng has been harassing Larry Bird, but Bird directly sold Li Chengfei to them for a tough reason, and he refused them. All the two teams were negotiable, which shows that Larry Bird in Sung Jae Lee also has a very important position here.