Speak big forces also came to Tang Qinling and others in front of the tauren team or Zhang Hao.

"There are a lot of people here. Thank you for coming to pay tribute." Looking at all, Zhang Hao was still very grateful
Tang Qinling looked at Zhang Hao half-ringed with interest. "In fact, we are afraid that if you don’t have friends in the sea, you will be afraid to come over and give you a sense of security."
"You always come. Thank you."
My roommate felt a lot when he saw Zhang Hao. I didn’t expect the Great God to be around. It was not a good feeling.
"Come on, Hao"
"The great god won the game, but he will take me to the king."
Speaking is that Ceng Long and Zhou Xiong have been in contact with each other for a long time, and Ceng Long, a wretched man who was originally defined by Zhang Hao, has greatly changed his impression in Zhang Hao’s heart.
Zhang Hao nodded heavily, and the team was still marching, and it was almost the opening of the passage. A line of people had to stop watching the team of cattle slowly enter the venue.
The team of friends and relatives of the tauren team watched the team enter the stadium, and everyone went around the main entrance of the venue and went in.
Fengyun Arena, a place that can accommodate more than two people to watch the game, has held many important events, which once attracted worldwide attention. allsar Star Race is held in Fengyun Arena with high-end visible configuration.
Imagine being able to fight here. Everyone is excited at heart. This is a paradise for competition.
It coincides with the weekend when the audience at Fengyun Stadium is already crowded, and the scene can no longer be hot. It is not surprising that I have experienced watching games in the stadium, and many of them are the first time to see the popularity of the venue.
The referee team of the League of Nations is ready, and the competition workers are in place, but there are still many people coming in one after another, including many professional players stationed in the League of Nations who come to watch the game and many commentators from all walks of life. For a while, it has become the focus of the competition.
At 10 o’clock in the afternoon, the organizer prepared an S-show, and the curtain overture was played. The heroic team of Demassia took the lead, followed by the dark forces of Noxas.
Demacia can match.
Noxas bloodbath everything.
Carefully preparing the S show is a delicious stomach dish. After the S show, the actors leave, and then it is a more important lottery ceremony. The organizing Committee of the competition will light up the big stage with a spotlight. The jury has already arrived, and the host of the scene is also smiling and surrounded by the ultimate sound effect.
"hi, everyone, welcome to Fengyun Stadium qq Internet Cafe Champions League National League has experienced Internet Cafe Auditions and Municipal Competition, and now it has reached the national competition level. In the next few days, there will be a total of 64 fierce competitions for us to wipe our eyes."
Some passionate words and special effects have warmed up the atmosphere again, and more than 16 contestants are quietly waiting for their fate at the moment.
"Please invite each team to send representatives to draw lots for grouping." The host made a noise with an elegant gesture.
Finally, at this moment, Gao Chengfeng, the leader of the tauren team, naturally wanted to go to the lottery. Before leaving, Gao Chengfeng took a breath and watched that his hands had been washed three times and he always walked with heavy steps.
"Hey, hey, I hope I can draw a few severe beatings." Lan Rexi looked at the lottery and looked forward to it.
This sentence says that people around us are full of black lines, others are crying and begging to draw a few weak teams to her, but they hope to meet a few strong teams, and everyone is praying for the bulls.
I’m afraid that Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Wuhan are the established areas with strong strength in the competition, among which Chengdu belongs to Sichuan and Wuhan belongs to Hubei, which means that the recognized strong teams are Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei and Sichuan.
No team wants to meet these strong teams in the group stage. It will be a bumpy road to meet a representative, but meeting two will almost ruin the league career.
In terms of regional distribution, the competition theory of southern provinces and regions is also ahead of the north in terms of atmosphere and development, and the situation of qualifying is not optimistic because the province of Ningxi is a backward northern region.
At this moment, Gao Chengfeng really felt what it meant to shock the whole stage. The neon flashing scene was not comparable to the general scene.
If you don’t really feel this momentum on the stage, you will realize that the atmosphere of being injected and expected is as nervous and exciting as hitting your heart.
From group A to group H, the fate god is now high above him. Before the fate of each team is finalized, everything is changing rapidly. 32 teams represent the stage and the lottery ceremony will start later.
At this time, an exquisite white sports car stopped at the parking space near the staff passage outside Fengyun Stadium. The door slowly opened, and the first landing was a pair of straight and slender legs, which were more delicate and exquisite in the sun. The perfect lines were crazy.
Beautiful legs, a pair of lux casual shoes, but also show the white skin to the fullest. The car door is closed, and the beauty from the car is dumped, and the wavy curls in the middle are looked at in front of the venue. The red lips are sipping and walking forward to the extreme figure, which makes passers-by look at each other and a few bold foreigners whistle.
When entering the staff passage, the security guard at the door looked at the documents in his hand and motioned for the beautiful woman to take off her sunglasses. At the moment, she was amazed and shocked. The security guard was more beautiful than the documents.
A little while later, two cars slowly pulled up next to the white sports car, and they came to wear casual clothes and looked comfortable. One long hair was chic and elegant, and the other short hair was skillful and neat. They were like old friends for many years, and they looked at each other at the same time when they saw the white sports car in front of them. Their eyes were full of light.
The long-haired man said, "It seems that this competition will be very interesting. Lord Snow is here."
The short-haired man smiled. "Who said it wasn’t? But at this time, the curtain may have passed. It seems that we are late."
Two people get to know each other and smile and step into the arena. At this moment, the situation suddenly rises.
Chapter 12 Smelly hands, smelly hands
The 32 teams have been prepared, and the only drawback is that there are still three regional teams that have not been successfully combined, namely Mongolia, Xinjiang and * *.
Looking at the lottery box in front of him, Erhong is now worshipping his parents in worship, whether it is a domestic god or an imported god, whatever the Tathagata, the Bodhisattva, Jesus, all but the hole.
Listen, Erhong talks about Zhang Haonai’s mentality, but he would rather believe it or not, so let it go.
Before entering the competition hall, the beauty is now walking in the backcourt, and many people coming face to face greet her, which is very popular.
"Wow, it’s Lord Snow coming to the national league."
"Yeah, it’s better than a photo. It’s so beautiful that no friends are around."
Listening to the evaluation of several animals behind him, he was called Lord Snow, who shook his head and walked towards a deserted place.
If you look closely, it is not difficult to find that this is an excellent place to be familiar with the commentary platform in the live broadcast. Every contest commentary is here to watch the live broadcast and millions of people give live commentary.
"Well, in the lottery?" The beauty muttered to herself, unaware that someone was approaching behind her.
A big hand was quietly placed on the skinny shoulder to make it show its eyebrows.
"Lord Snow, long time no see."
"I’ll give you a second to move your paws." A deep and quiet cold voice floated without any room.
"Ha ha, it’s still the same" and the long-haired man moved his big hand to be with the Queen in front of him.
"Hey, I didn’t see anything." The short-haired man followed, slightly breaking the embarrassing atmosphere.