Although it is difficult to delay the time when they become a Yuan baby and truly have spiritual wisdom, it is not enough compared with their long life. After all, it is the most important thing in front of them. If there is no card in front of them, even if it is a good foundation, it will not help to have a bright future.

Although the male dragon’s first python has entered this quenching period for quite a few years, there are only 12 pieces of Dan gas after the successful sacrifice practice. For him to compete with other monsters or monks of the same level, the roots are not enough. At this moment, three pieces have been consumed, but the expected effect has not been achieved. I can imagine my heart is distressed and annoyed.
The monster beast’s wisdom is not high, and to a great extent, it will be ignited after this heart fire is over, which is really a bit reckless.
This male dragon’s head python will no longer ignore his original strategy and savage his own earth body to play the road ahead.
As soon as he lowered his head, the two sharp horns were comparable to the magic weapon Dragon Horn, so he pierced the thick dragon horn in Xuan Bing’s "click, click, click", and the dragon horn was on a roll all the way, accompanied by Xuan Bing’s broken sound, and the dragon head python hit all the way and soon got the Xuan Bing barrier.
Seeing that the male dragon’s first python is about to break the ice, it suddenly "boom" and explodes in front of it, which will blow away a lot of its crimson life outside the dragon’s head.
This is naturally Zhou Yaolin’s intention to arrange for him to bury three ice-spirit thunderbolts unique to Binglan Peak here, just waiting for the male dragon’s first python to sneak attack when it was careless. The male dragon’s first python was angry with this outrageous and unexplored move, which naturally made Zhou Yao overjoyed. Therefore, the thunder effect of these three ice-spirit gods can be described as an extreme, and there was no wave at all.
At this moment, when the dragon head python felt a sudden jump, he found a dragon-slaying arrow broken and pointed directly at the weak point of his life. This dragon-slaying arrow was written by Jiang Tao. Although Zhou Yao didn’t discuss it in such a fierce battle, he was a peerless archer, but he was just right when he grasped the fighter plane. Plus, this dragon-slaying arrow was not the worst first-class treasure of the low-grade treasure, but a medium treasure. Therefore, the dragon-slaying arrow easily tore Xiong Long’s first python’s life and the demon defense hit the male dragon head.
Dragon-slaying arrow is a dragon buster developed by Terran monks. Therefore, although Jiang Tao’s additional strength is not strong after tearing the dragon’s head python’s life, it is still easy to pierce the male dragon’s head python’s jaw by adding the dragon-slaying arrow.
If it weren’t for the huge dragon head, the distance between the back jaw and the back jaw exceeded the length of the dragon-slaying arrow, which was absolutely enough to pierce the male dragon’s jaw together and seal its dragon mouth, it was not only a huge injury to the dragon but also a huge pain feeling because of the dragon-slaying arrow. In that situation, unless the male dragon-slaying python flies back to his old nest, it is absolutely impossible to abruptly separate his dragon’s mouth from the dragon-slaying arrow in battle.
However, although Jiang Tao’s arrow did not bring maximum damage to the male dragon’s first python, it was enough for him.
The monster beast is so animalistic that it is far more spiritual than they are born with, and it is easy to get angry, especially after being injured. In this case, the body with such a little spirituality will be quickly annihilated and act purely according to the physical energy.
At this moment, the male dragon’s first python was injured again, which made his heart angry to the extreme. At this moment, he threw everything away, and there was an idea in his heart that the man who sent out the dragon-slaying arrow would be killed. In this case, although the owner of the male dragon’s first python is stronger than the strength, it can’t be played well.
Although the male dragon’s first pythons came after Chen Yan, Zhou Yao and Jiang Tao, they kept escaping, but they didn’t do much harm to Chen Yan and Zhou Yao except that they were injured a little when they launched life Dan gas. However, even if he lost his reason, he was very careless about life Dan gas and was unwilling to let it out for fear of being destroyed, but it would take several years to practice it.
Chapter DiErLiuWu Have a plan for the opportunity.
Chapter DiErLiuWu Have a plan for the opportunity.
Answering questions, Zhou Yao and Jiang Tao are arranged in advance to deal with the male dragon head python. However, although Jiang Tao is the biggest threat to the male dragon head python, he can attack the male dragon head python in a long-range way. The hope is not to say that he will fight the male dragon head python positively. This can be compared with the high-order then real people, including Answering questions and Zhou Yao.
The two of them, one is a fake monk Dan, and the other is a building foundation. It is not uncommon to repair it. Plus, the powerful spells and implements in their hands are not too short-term against the male dragon’s head python, but the huge gap becomes more and more obvious as time goes on.
Although the two men didn’t suffer much physical damage, the pressure in their hearts was huge, because every time the huge pressure of the male dragon head python hit, they all had a feeling that they couldn’t hold on. If it weren’t for their psychological quality, they were not afraid that there would be a scene of waiting for death without resistance.
Although they all have a little persistence in their hearts, they can’t get rid of their tiredness, but it’s hard to erase them. The frequency of confrontation is getting lower and lower, and the escape distance is getting longer and longer. It’s not that they don’t like to spend more on this male dragon python, but they don’t have this ability.
However, even so, they have done it well by themselves, because the male dragon head python has been far away from this swamp and lost the female dragon head python.
This way, the female dragon head python is Jintai, GongSunLi and Huang Wan, who are in charge of the sniper, while Gong Lin is in charge of killing the dragon arrow.
The female dragon head python has lost Dan’s strength, and Kim Tae-tae, Gong Sunli and Huang Wan are far less powerful than Yan Yan and Zhou Yao, so in comparison, the female dragon head python occupies an advantage, but compared with the other side, the strength gap here is much smaller, so the three people are not so nervous when they stop, and everything seems to be in an orderly way.
The female dragon’s head python may have lost Dan’s sense of crisis, but it is not as reckless as the female dragon’s head python. It seems very cautious. He flies all the way to smoke, and vigorously displays the solution. When Kim Tae-tae, Gong Sunli and Huang Wan are in contact, they don’t rush forward or send out a demon attack, but control the surrounding shielding, induction, fog and waves sweeping towards the front.
In the induction of the female dragon head python, these three people joined forces, although there is still a big gap, but the threat is not small. After all, there is a dragon slayer in the distance! Therefore, he prefers to divide and conquer these three people who are blind and deaf.
The female dragon’s first python can’t say that it’s Kim Tae and other three people, but it’s not stupid to see that this wave is like a wave of white fog. Where is the female dragon’s first python’s idea? When Kim Tae-tae tried to move another instrument, Wanmudong Virtual God Screen, Gong Sunli moved the ice luan Dafa, and Huang Wanze waved the ice and snow crystal rainbow chain.
Although the virtual screen of Wanmu Cave is only a top-level spirit device, it is the most destructive thing for clouds, fog and other things to capture the essence of heaven and earth and concise the virtual divine light of the cave.
Kim Tae-wha will come out and stand in front of him, slapping his hands and pouring the spiritual power away into it like a long river. At that time, the virtual screen of Wanmu Cave bloomed, and Zhang Xu’s Gao Zhan Zhan Qingguang faintly saw ten thousand kinds of spiritual trees moving with the wind, and then the green light was gathered and returned to the virtual screen of Wanmu Cave, which stirred up a huge blue vortex like a liquid, and suddenly a ribbon came out of the vortex.
This green light is like a waterfall. The more it extends forward, the more it becomes clear and bright. The female dragon’s first python puffs away white fog. A pair of green light blocks itself, and the white fog disappears in pieces. Kim Tae keeps pushing the Wanmu Cave, and the virtual divine screen controls the cave. The virtual divine light keeps sweeping through the white fog.
GongSunLi Bingluan Dafa disorderly blade dance tactic weather is no weaker than Jintai nearly thousand comparable ordinary flying sword Bingluan wings scattered like a huge sword array kept strangling the white fog.
Of the three people, Huang Wan means the least, and he is the weakest. Secondly, she is not good at cutting fiend light by Leng Yue, but his ice and snow crystal rainbow chain has also eliminated a lot of white fog.
The three men strangled the white fog and disappeared into pieces at once, but in a blink of an eye, the white fog was eliminated, and the plan expected by the female dragon head python went bankrupt
In the face of this, there is no good way for the female dragon head python to protect her head, and she will fit in and fly into it. Because Jintai three people are not as powerful as Chen Yanjin’s skyfire cover, the female dragon head python’s action is not restricted. The huge tail is as thick as a bucket and flexible as piercing in the virtual.
The broken strong breeze alone made Jintai and other three people feel the light pressure, and the three people were not strong in their means, so it was quite uncomfortable to deal with the arrogance of the female dragon head python. Fortunately, they were not fighting, but only containing it, so they were not too tough to intercept in front of the female dragon head python, but adopted a relatively flexible strategy.
With the help of their small size, agility and high speed, the three people kept wandering around the female dragon head python, and after releasing their favorite implements, they accumulated their own consumables, such as ofuda and red beads, and repeatedly bombarded the female dragon head python. At this moment, they didn’t hesitate to smash the female dragon head python’s life and get the highest protection.
Although this strategy can’t stop the way forward of the female dragon head python, it can make it slow down because the distant Gong Lin may kill the dragon arrow at any time and send a fatal blow. In the face of this situation, the female dragon head python, although annoyed, has no way to think about it. She really can’t launch too strong an attack except her own strong body because she lost Dan.
Therefore, the female dragon head python can also separate a part of her life while holding on to her head, and it will break like a friar flying sword and strangle them to disperse these people who harass her.
People are always much more refined than monsters.
In this stalemate, Kim Tae-tae, with the special effect of his own big Lei Yin Shenmu Sword, suddenly broke out and immediately caught the female dragon head python. Although the dragon head python clan was very powerful, it was difficult to be dazed by such damage.
In this Zheng shape, the guardian dragon’s first life needs to be no longer as concise as before. Kim Tae-tae, Gong Sunli and Huang Wan took advantage of the golden ray fire and all kinds of implements to display it in order, and then they blew it up at the top door of the female dragon’s first python to reveal the dragon’s first life.
Such a good opportunity is always preparing for Gong Lin. Naturally, it won’t be missed to immediately take out a dragon-slaying arrow with a bow and arrow "whew" and shoot it out
When the long arrow is broken, it is obvious that this dragon slaying arrow will kill the female dragon head python with one arrow penetrating the brain and one blow. At this time, the female dragon head python is awake. Facing this crisis of hiding, the female dragon head python can also shrink its neck and slant its head, so that it will not be killed.
A dragon slaying arrow with a powerful sound was shot from the left cheek of the female dragon head python and plunged into the feather, and blood gurgled out.
This time, the dragon slaying arrow was not a good one, but this time it didn’t hinder the shooting at all, so the female dragon’s first python felt the pain worse and worse, and she couldn’t stop howling. The huge snake body kept shaking and banging in the virtual space, stirring its surrounding area, and it was a raging wind and turbulence.
At this time, it is difficult for Kim Tae-tae and others not to say that the sneak attack is close, but they do not expect to directly slay the female dragon-headed python. For them, it is necessary to delay the female dragon-headed python and not let her chase it before you refine the ice Dan, and everything will be fine.
And at this time, it is obvious that the female dragon head python is no longer able to do this, so they don’t hesitate to think about retreating behind, and at the same time absorb Lingshi to swallow Dan medicine and restore their consumption, waiting for a wave to stop.
Two wave men blocked and delayed the two dragons’ head pythons. Although both of them were successful, they all knew that the completion key was not in them, but in Youhe and Weiji. Because of the two of them, the female dragons’ head pythons were distracted and put into control. This time it was completed, and they had a chance to get out of this battle.
Wei Ji and you are also very clear about this, so the two of them didn’t carry out a retaliatory attack on them after encountering two dragon head pythons and killing them, but they all chased the female dragon head python ice Dan for strangulation after getting out of danger.
This is attached to the ice Dan distracted by the life Dan fire as such a powerful defense means, but it is equivalent to topping a picture that is harder than the tortoise shell. Although it has such powerful strangulation consciousness means as soul sword, limb crisp and bipolar mysterious magnetic divine light, it can’t play a blow, and it can kill the ice Dan fire bit by bit.
Moreover, we can’t use too strong means to make this ice Dan female dragon python feel distracted without any return to the body. I hope that in that case, this female dragon python will be distracted and desperate to blow itself up, so it will be white if they have worked so hard before.
The defensive bogey and the deep and remote side fight, although the surface is the easiest and most secure compared with the other two places, but the inner struggle is much more severe than the other two places. In addition, the pressure is not enough when considering the psychological balance of attacking discretion.
This attack lasted for a moment, but Wei Ji had an impulse to fly out of the sword and directly kill the Dan fire and the female dragon’s first python. However, Wei Ji was a rational person after all, and he did not let out the sword after all, but chose to continue to struggle like this.
Although the female dragon’s head python is distracted and trapped here by Wei Ji and you, the surrounding situation is also known. On the surface, it seems that it is her own side that has suffered losses, but in fact, it is still her own side that occupies an advantage. Because the enemy’s strength has almost been exhausted, and her own side still has a particularly long-lasting strength, but the limited attack on life and Dan Fire has gradually lost her original share of fear and become at ease and self-possessed.
As time went on, the female dragon’s head python became distracted and felt a little detached. He was crazy about the wind and rain, and I stayed still.
Who avoid deep and remote for female dragon head python distracted mentality nature is not very clear, if know words afraid of early raid.
But in this case, they also have their own plans. They know the chance of success. Once, it was a lightning bolt that broke through the fire defense and distracted the female dragon head python.
Although the previous misgivings and timid attacks are due to their own gains and losses, there are also some deliberate intentions to confuse the female dragon head python.
Wei Ji and you have already communicated well through Shen Nianyin. Everything has been waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity that can definitely distract the female dragon’s first python. He can’t control his life and defend himself against fire.
This opportunity is also confirmed by their constant communication, and that is the moment when the female dragon head python approaches them.
Chapter DiErLiuLiu Dan successful verification Excalibur
Chapter DiErLiuLiu Dan successful verification Excalibur
The approach of the female dragon’s head python means that the female dragon’s head python is distracted and not far away from returning to the physical stage. This situation is a cunning human monk who can’t be afraid of emotional excitement. What’s more, it is a monster.
However, although the monster beast is inferior to human beings in this way, it can perceive the danger in human beings, so Wei Ji can’t take the initiative to create this situation. In that case, it would be foolish to know that there must be something fishy.
The best way is to care. However, if the intention is naturally evolved to such a degree by fighting, even if there is an opportunity, you can’t be intentional and intentional.
This action is the most important test of a monk’s grasp of discretion. Fortunately, after all, the experience of Wei Ji and you can be called this veteran, so everything is perfect.