Dimatteo is an important member of the winning team!

This shows that Paris Saint-Germain’s winning team may have some experience?
In short, UEFA has pinned its hopes on Paris Saint-Germain, hoping that they can stop Lazio in the final and break the dream of winning the treble.
Manuel showed such confidence before the game, which also pleased UEFA.
They believe that Manuel has this strength.
Uefa never seems to think about whether they will trust the wrong person, although they have made such mistakes countless times this season …
The final against Paris Saint-Germain has finally arrived.
The Emirates Stadium was packed an hour ago, and fans from both sides and some neutral fans all entered.
Everyone began to wait impatiently for the game to start.
The fans of Paris Saint-Germain are also infected by the confidence of their head coach and look forward to the historic moment of Paris Saint-Germain Club.
Lazio fans have some mixed feelings, and they naturally come to cheer for Lazio.
But at the same time, it was also the last game that they could see winning coach Lazio.
No matter what the final result of this game is, after the game, Changsheng will say goodbye to them.
The joy of winning the championship and the parting of sorrow are intertwined, and it is unclear whether it is joy or sorrow.
Chapter one hundred and nine Paris is finished
UEFA officials are all seated in the VIP seats, and TV cameras frequently aim at them and give them close-ups
This is the top figure in European football.
They are in charge of the life and death of many teams.
Many teams have to bow their heads in front of them.
But there are always people who want to break the authority and rules.
Chang Sheng and his Lazio are one of them.
Lazio has been a thorn in UEFA’s side since the UEFA leadership came to power.
They have frequently made moves against Changsheng and Lazio.
A few years ago, under their pressure, Lazio missed the honor of winning the Champions League for four consecutive seasons.
But this season, UEFA did its best and failed to stop Lazio from reaching the Champions League final.
Now they put all their hopes on Paris Saint-Germain.
If Paris Saint-Germain can beat Lazio in the Champions League final, then this newly rising giant will be the key support object of UEFA.
Lazio fans collectively booed when UEFA officials appeared on the big screen.
If half the fans boo at the same time, it’s quite a momentum.
The TV broadcast was so radical that it immediately cut the camera to the VIP table.
Want to see the expressions of UEFA officials …
Sure enough, no one has a good-looking expression.
The sudden booing startled them. When they realized that the booing was aimed at them, their faces were even uglier.
So they don’t like Lazio. This team, from the president of the club, to the coaches and players, to the ordinary fans, is a group of annoying guys!
This makes them hope that Paris Saint-Germain will win.
Manuel is confident and they have confidence in him.
After the necessary ceremony, the players of both sides stood on the court according to their respective positions.
Just waiting for the game to start.
After the referee confirmed the time, he blew the whistle for the start of the whole game.
With thunderous applause and cheers, the Champions League final of the 2021-2022 season began!
Manuel stood on the sidelines, his hands in his pockets, staring nervously at the stadium. This was his first Champions League final. To say that he was not nervous at all was false.
What is completely different from him is Chang Sheng. Not counting this time, Chang Sheng led his team to the Champions League finals ten times, nine of which won the championship, with a winning percentage of 90%, which was very scary. What final scene has he not seen?
Therefore, Chang Sheng sat on the coach’s bench, crossing his legs, and didn’t feel like leading the team to the Champions League final at all.
People who don’t know, thought it was just a very ordinary league.
Chang Sheng’s crossing his legs on the coach’s bench has been criticized by many people for his lack of respect for his opponents.
And it is this effect that the winner wants.
His disrespect will anger his opponent and make him lose his cool.
Otherwise, the media commented that Chang Sheng is a coach who can make good use of details.
Even a sitting posture can be used as a psychological warfare offensive.
However, in this game, Changsheng didn’t want to anger Manuel with this action.
Because Manuel is not qualified to use psychological warfare.
He just thinks it’s comfortable to sit up-he completely treats the coach’s seat as a sofa at home.
It turns out that there is a reason why winning is so easy.
In terms of strength, Paris Saint-Germain is no match for Lazio.
Paris Saint-Germain and Lazio have reasons to win.
But the extent of this belief that we must win is better than Lazio.
How to prove it?
Lazio scored in seven minutes and thirty seconds!
Cavani jumped high in the air and smashed Messi’s cross into the goal of Paris Saint-Germain!
"Edinson Cavani?-the tenth goal! He’s tied Stuart! Now they are tied for the first place in the shooter list! Stewart’s Chelsea has been eliminated, and now no one can compare with cavani. As long as cavani scores another goal in the game, he will be the top scorer in the Champions League! "
Cavani, who scored the goal, was also very excited. He ran to the coach’s seat and gave Chang Sheng a hug. He will dedicate this goal to his boss.
As a gift to see the boss off.
Other players swarmed in and surrounded the two of them.