Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t mind saying that "it’s ok to say so" is actually said to be sex/transaction, and he doesn’t care because it is really so in quality, slightly different from the usual sex/transaction, and there is no oppression or coercion, so it can be said that it is fair and both parties voluntarily trade.

Son Ye Jin breathed a sigh of relief and said, "President Zhang, do you want to commit a crime with me?"
"Crime of adultery!"
"Crime of adultery?" Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment. "Well, it seems that South Korea still has this legal crime. A few years ago, an artist named Yu Suli was sentenced to more than half a year’s probation for this crime. Why are you afraid?" Zhang Chengyuan paid no attention to this so-called crime of adultery.
Son Ye Jin calmly said, "I’m naturally afraid. If I make this crime, I have a bright future. I will ruin the Korean people all my life. I won’t include women who commit this crime." Korean people are still quite conservative and this is really a serious violation of morality
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You mean you don’t want to make a deal with me? Then why did you come to me? "
Son Ye Jin said, "It’s not that I don’t want to trade with you. I want to change the way of trading."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled faintly. "What other aspects do you think I will be interested in besides your body?"
Son Ye Jin said, "I know you have almost everything, but I feel that it is still a little valuable. It is still a little valuable for your company. Well, what do you think if I am willing to renew my contract with jsw for one year?"
"One year?" Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "This proposal seems quite attractive, which is equivalent to the fact that your remaining artist career department has been handed over to our company, and it is still at your peak. However, Miss Yizhen, you underestimate the value of my beauty method. It can not only be beautiful, but also has many other effects such as strengthening the body and delaying aging. Moreover, although the conditions you offered are good, they are not what I need. I forgive you for not agreeing to your request."
In fact, it is not difficult to renew the contract with Son Ye Jin. The treatment given to artists by jsw Company has attracted Son Ye Jin to stay in his company all the time. So how can he award his skills to Son Ye Jin for no reason? In addition, even if Son Ye Jin refuses to renew his contract with his company in the future, he doesn’t care very much, because his company will definitely be able to sign other actresses of the same grade as her and even cultivate the best actress herself.
Son Ye Jin sighed, "Is there really nothing in me or what I have that is worth your heart except my body?" In fact, she is still very eager to get the method of Zhang Chengyuan’s true beauty.
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "It’s a pity that there isn’t."
Son Ye Jin was silent for a while and said, "In this case, I will be leaving now."
Zhang Chengyuan lightly said, "Go slow."
Son Ye Jin got up and then stepped toward the door. Although her steps seemed hesitant, she walked out after all.
When she walked to the door, Zhang Chengyuan suddenly said, "Wait"
Son Ye Jin turned and looked at Zhang Chengyuan. "Is there anything else for the president?" She didn’t recognize Zhang Chengyuan’s sudden softening of heart. She had heard about this man’s cold heart, and she felt something in several contacts.
Zhang Chengyuan took out a bag of tea from a drawer of the coffee table and sent it to her hand. "This is my special tea. It also has some beautiful effects and tastes ok. Well, you should know that since we failed to get together and you were disturbed by my words and demands, this bag of tea will be given to you for compensation."
Son Ye Jin nodded, "Thank you, President."
"Besides, although we didn’t succeed this time, my discussion with you is still valid. You might as well think about it again when you get back. If you figure it out, call me or ask me out through Ji Xiu."
Son Ye Jin nodded again, but said nothing. She seemed to be thinking something. Then she opened the door and left.
Zhang Chengyuan looked at the door and shook his head, then got up and walked to Lin Zhixiu’s office.
Lin Zhixiu couldn’t help but be surprised after seeing him. "How did the boss get there so soon? She turned you down? "
Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t care much. "Being a film queen is naturally more reserved and more worried. She hasn’t figured it out yet, but I think she will change her mind after a while."
Lin zhixiu asked, "What does she worry about?"
"The crime of adultery" Zhang Chengyuan smiled and laughed. "She was actually worried about the crime of adultery. If she hadn’t suddenly started this crime, I still couldn’t remember that there is such a crime in Korean law. But how can I get an appointment with this crime? "
Lin Zhixiu said, "Although there are many lawsuits about the crime of rape in South Korea every year, it is almost impossible to obtain evidence, and even if convicted, it is almost a suspended sentence, so this crime is not very deterrent. Of course, it is normal for artists to be worried if they are accused of this crime. After all, she has no such thing as you, but she is actually worried. Because Yuri’s elder sister won’t care about this kind of thing, no one will accuse her of adultery with you."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Who knows what’s on her mind? Maybe she doesn’t care about this crime of adultery because she wants to shirk it for this reason, and maybe she didn’t really want to refuse this time, but she wanted to make higher demands by playing hard to get or waiting for the price." Forget it. I’ll know what she thinks after waiting. Now guess this is the wave time. Anyway, I don’t care what she thinks. It’s good for her to finally promise me to discuss it. By the way, when is Zheng Yuanyin’s trip tonight? "
Lin Zhixiu looked at the itinerary of the company’s artists recorded in his head and said, "About ten o’clock in the evening, there are still more than two hours from now. Are you really going to erase his memory?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Of course it’s true. He’s gradually out of my control, affecting the lives of people around me. He continues to cause trouble to Zhu Xian or cause other troubles in the future. I have to’ reform’ him."
Lin zhixiu said, "how are you going to transform him?"
Zhang Chengyuan hesitated, "I haven’t thought about it yet, but it is the most basic thing to erase his memory of Xu Xian. In addition, I seem to have given him too much autonomy so that he can love, hate and have his own preferences, which is no different from real people. I thought it was convenient before, which saved me from giving him instructions from time to time, but now it seems that this is a failed attempt. Well, maybe it is not a failure, but I can’t accept his current situation."
Lin zhixiu said, "boss, no matter how you transform him, I hope he will still be the best and most popular sl male singer in Korea, so that it will not affect the singer department of our company. Our company can’t replace others at all."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Actually, I thought about simply letting Zheng Yuanyin disappear, so as to save Zhu Xian from feeling’ upset’ after seeing him, but since you asked me to let him go."
Lin Zhixiu smiled slightly. "The boss Zheng Yuanyin is popular now. If he suddenly disappears, it will definitely cause a storm in the entertainment industry. It is better to let him continue to be’ alive’ than Zhu Xian’s mood. You can think of other ways to solve it. If there is really no other way, let her love you. Since she can like your two places at once, it is natural that people who love you so much."
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-four Plan; clear
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head. "You take it for granted that love is so simple? It’s like a lot of people just like fake goods and don’t like Zheng Zhuxian. Maybe it’s just that I’m busy. Besides, Zheng Yuanyin and I are almost two types of men, and the difference is too big. "
Lin Zhixiu said, "But Zhu Xian likes Zheng Yuanyin mostly because he likes the same place as you."
Zhang Chengyuan wondered, "How do you know? Have you asked Zhu Xian? "
Lin Zhixiu said, "I did ask Zhu Xian, but she didn’t tell me the answer, but I felt that Yuner thought so."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s just a feeling, not necessarily true. Well, how did I discuss this topic with you? I don’t have an idea for Zhu Xian, just when she is my sister. When we discuss this, it’s a wave. "
Lin Zhixiu smiled and thought, "I’m afraid you don’t think so in your heart, do you?" If you don’t have thoughts about Zhu Xian or consciously treat your sisters as your private property, how can you care so much about their relationship? How can you not help discussing and considering whether Zhu Xian will like you with me? "
Zhang Chengyuan changed the topic "How is the case of Ji Xiu Zhang Ziyan progressing? Have the appraisal results of her letters come out? "
Lin Zhixiu said, "Although it hasn’t been made public yet, as far as I know, the National Search Institute of Korea has identified those letters as forgeries, which is quite different from sbs TV asking handwriting experts to identify the results. In addition, the police also found that the envelopes of those letters are suspected of forgery, but who knows the truth? Or the boss, you can send you two places at once to verify a "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I don’t have the leisure to verify the authenticity of these letters. It’s better to forge more authentic and conclusive evidence for some people to argue."
Lin zhixiu said, "boss, what are you going to do?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Some powerful people have tampered with this incident. I intend to let someone’ conscience’ come out and surrender to the public, and personally experience that Zhang Ziyan’s sleeping with him is indeed true. It would be best if this person happens to be a member of the guest list recorded in Zhang Ziyan’s letter. I think it will definitely cause greater sensation and public pressure.
Then gradually involve other people involved and’ reveal’ some irrefutable evidence when appropriate, and then catch all the people involved step by step. In the process, if anyone dares to stop him, I will also find him out. Of course, this is my initial idea, and I have to consider it in detail and formulate some contingency measures according to the actual situation. "
Lin Zhixiu was a little worried. "Will this make too much trouble?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "If you make a big noise, will it be like me?" Anyway, no matter how bad the stall is, someone will eventually come out to clean it up. I want to solve this matter once and for all and bother me again. "
Even if all walks of life and even government departments in South Korea are turned upside down, he will not care at all if the country’s economy goes backwards for several years. Anyway, he can still make money and take the opportunity to expand the company’s scale and remove more social filth, which may be more conducive to the future development of South Korea, so he has done something good.
Lin Zhixiu said, "But if things get too big, will they be traced back to us?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Don’t you worry that I will make me play the ghost in two places to’ guide’ some righteous police, prosecutors and government officials to investigate and deal with this matter, so no one will definitely think of us."
Lin Zhixiu smiled and laughed. "Boss, you are busy and changeable, but you can be different from ghosts. When others see it, it is really possible to recognize it as a ghost. So it really won’t make people doubt us, but I don’t know if it will scare people to death." Maybe you can directly pretend to be a ghost to scare those Zhang Ziyan’ benefactors’ into turning themselves in, and then this matter can be solved. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "How can it be that easy? Many wicked people will not take it seriously even if they really see ghosts, and doing so will arouse public suspicion and feel that it is really unreasonable. Then they may think that these people are koo-koo, or they are more normal, understandable and acceptable. When the dust settles in this case, I will also eliminate those policemen, prosecutors and others to avoid causing other troubles. "
Lin Zhixiu hesitated for a moment and said, "Boss, if you want to control the whole of Korea, it won’t take long."